Sunday, 25 November 2012

12.3 Million Unemployed (week 4)


For this weeks task we had to take a look at unemployment in the US. 
The Guardian has already produced this visualization with some of the data but is there more questions that need answering. Guardian US unemployment map

I had a few ideas after looking over the data, so many areas that could be explored. 

The first design I have produced below lets reader explore larger amounts of data. Still needs some work but this design address more areas than the other two design I explore previously. 

I have set up a grid so no matter if everything is selected the grid expands. Reader can choose between line chart or bar chart and when hovered / clicked on a point more detail about that state and topic come up (maybe more options could be given here - lead to map of state and counties - something to develop). Each state has its own colour - and when graphics are produced for them alone different gradients of colour are produced. My main aim for this was to make it visually inviting. 

I was concerned this was just simply a re-design of the Guardians original take on the data with a few extra bits added in. Also as I used a Choropleth map in my last proposal, I thought it would be best I stop this idea and develop another. But basically similar to last weeks you can click on the drop down to view different variables and have an overview of the US unemployment pattern. If you you want to explore a specific state you simply click on that sate where the drop down menu with give options to look at county unemployment rates, age, race, elections etc... When selected all data will appear below as line/bar chart format.

Proportional symbol map - no to proportion but I thought I would explore using this approach after reading Alberto Cairo's piece on Thematic Maps. With development I think this could work rather well. 

With development it would be nice to find a way of combining all the above ideas together. I'll look at doing so this week after feedback.

Sketches and print outs

Data Source:


  1. nice, I found this blog very useful for me, Great informative information.

  2. Beautifully done!

    Just one question. You have lots of sketches and print long it takes to make a design like that.

    I'm starting the course in a few weeks and I'm having a look to what other students were doing.

  3. Hi :)

    I use Illustrator and it takes me about 3-4 hours maybe less depending on how well thought out the sketch is. Quite a lot of the time when I get on Illustrator I get more ideas and the design develops.

    Really recommend the course it's been amazing!
    Would love to see what you do for your assignments.

    Good luck,

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