Saturday, 17 November 2012

Word Aid Transparency (week 3)

Still needs a lot of work! But I have spent the past few hours mocking this up.
Now that I look at it I can think a million of other ways and can't wait to see all the other students pieces.

I have kept it very simple, my main idea was offer as much as possible with clean presentation. With this I create a bar at the top where the viewer can select which data form they would like to look at.

Some possible visuals below.

Comparison of 2011 and 2012 I found this to be a much cleaner way to represented the 72 names.Scroll down to see the rest of names and you can un-click any you wish.  

(the map gradient has not been done to match data - draft pattern)

When finished the map will show which areas of the world offer the most aid. When an area is clicked on a pop up comes out to show which aid organisations are in that area. You can click them explore them further.

Profiles available on each country / organisation. Also the option to
compare to others. If I had more time these in depth seconds could offer more visualizations and I would also like to create a comparison piece comparing a selection of profiles.

Colour will also change depending on the if the profile falls under good or very poor. With the organisation / country and activity part the text falls down when they are clicked (when interactive these will animate to show these have an action)

Development sketches

 Using the map to show different data and also having a scroll option to navigate through the sections. Instead of using the map for the viewer to connect with the profiles of organisations (this has a section of it's own anyway) I have change the map to show where the donors and recipients are from.  

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