Monday, 26 November 2012

Happiness index (Week 5-6)

For the last project we have been given the freedom to do whatever we want.

Choose a topic, gather the appropriate information, and present an idea of how to show that information in graphic form, either as a static display or an interactive one. 

At the moment I'm thinking I will go for Happiness index

I stuck with this topic but found that there are so many avenues I could explore! So after looking at the data from the Data blog and World Values Surveys I decided to look at using 'Polar Grids' to show the data.

These are very basic visuals I'll be continuing to develop this project after the course is finished.

The main grid will compare the yearly average of happiness of individual countries:

You can select a bar on the polar grid one or various for comparisons. When selected more data on that country is displayed below the grid. Currently show in the mock up as bar charts but I'm looking at developing this and would be grateful for any comments and suggestions.

 Topics of happiness levels explored for each country are:

  • Education
  • Money
  • Jobs 
  • Area people live in
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Government 
  • Weather
Still in first draft stage but when this project is completed I see it being a very symbolic visualization (I like that the polar grid is essentially a curved bar chart - like a smile very on topic). 

Watch this space!  

Development sketches:

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  1. I was looking forward to seeing your final project, having been impressed and motivated by your previous efforts. As expected, this is very good looking, even intriguing.

    I would make a suggestion to keep the overall design while making the data easier to read:
    1. Flip your graph vertically, thus making it clockwise.
    2. Put the countries in order of rating, with the less happy country in the inner row.
    3. Keep the "5" rating at the top so that the shortest line (being) starts from there. All longer lines will then continue clockwise, to the right.

    This way, you'd have a curved bar chart, with the circular shape and colors. You could maybe put the name of the countries on the (now) right side of your 0 baseline, at the bottom of the chart. We'd see immediately who's at each extreme.

    Hope this helps. Keep up your good work, I'll be watching this space.